About The Mustafa Odabaşı

Turkish tattoo artist Mustafa Odabaşı was born in 1983 in Istanbul. His curiosity for painting at a young age helped him begin the art of tattooing in his later years. He made his first tattoo in 2006. By combining his theoretical knowledge from talented tattooers with practical tendencies, he improved himself every day. He participated in various events, seminars and competitions related to tattoo art abroad. Mustafa Odabaşı, who has been carrying painting art to the human body since 2006, has also been the inspiration and teacher of many young tattoo artists.

İrezumi (Traditional Japanese Tattoo Art), which is one of the most difficult styles of tattoo art and performed by very few tattoo artists, is also one of the best tattooers. This was done in 2009, “1. It proved by winning the first prize in the category of “Japanese Style” in the Istanbul Tattoo Convention “competition. He also received the 2nd prize in color tattoo style.

Mustafa Odabaşı, which is open to innovations and has a wide tattoo portfolio with its aesthetic perception and unique style, continues its works in its own “Odabaşı Tattoo” studio in Istanbul.

Tattoo Machines

I will explain the features of the tattoo machines and at the end of the training you will choose the most suitable tattoo machine for yourself.

Studio Equipments

I will explain in detail the complete list of devices and materials required for tattooing with descriptions and graphics.


Sterilization is the most important step in creating a tattoo.


I will talk about various motifs, styles and ideas used in tattooing.

Educational Content

  • Tattoo Machines
  • Tattoo Equipments
  • Needles
  • Grips
  • Paints
  • Studio Equipments
  • Motifs
  • Transfer
  • Preparing Tattooing
  • Tattoo Care
  • Sterilization
  • Preparing Setup
  • Line
  • Shadow
  • Color
  • Cover up
  • Preparing Machine
  • Tattoo Photo Shoot
  • Search with Google Images
  • Postures